Top Live Bands in India

Comparing the best bands in India we’ve finally reached to verdict of listing Best Live Bands in India.

Our list topped by Aawaaz The Band because of it’s unique set of songs that involves Bollywood, Sufi, Retro & Punjabi mixed with classical music.


AAWAAZ is a promising young band having an experience of 200+ live shows all across India. Aawaaz cover profound Bollywood tunes mixed with a bit of Sufi, retro and punjabi in their own style. Aawaaz perform at private events like - weddings, pre wedding, cocktail, reception, mehendi etc alongside club shows, corporate events and institutional events.
Along with Jai, the lead male vocalist, the band also has a female vocalist-Elena Liman, who is a live singer from Ukraine. She used to rehearse singing back at home, which enables her to sing and back up at extremely high scales, which includes a considerable measure of intensity and vitality in their live performances. She sings and reproduces prevalent Bollywood tunes in her own one of a kind way! That is the means by which they make a combination blend of BOLLY-SUFI-RETRO-ROCK & PUNJABI mix.

Top Live Bands in India


Lagori gets its name from the outstanding street preoccupation played in India. The band is animated by the rich average assortment of culture that exists in India and the propelling significance of being 'Indian'. Having encountered adolescence in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore – a blend of social orders, contemplations, tongues and feelings – Lagori's music reflects the changed effects of each band part, completing in an exceptional, fresh and genuine sound.


Two kin, Suraj and Sanjay Verma, confined Indo Fuzon in 2013 at Chandigarh. Suraj has been in the Principle 30 in Indian Image 2012 and Sanjay is an all-rounder as he has been a Vocalist, a Guitarist, a drummer and even the bassist of the Band. At first they started as a group Setup yet after a short time comprehended that the possible destiny of the band is something novel. In the wake of cooperating with various expert they finally comprehended that, the band is heading the right way.


Astitva is a Multi Compose Hindi band arranged in New Delhi, India. The Band "Astitva" requests setting feelings above inconsequential technique and making an individualistic sort of shape breaking music. Astitva started in 2007 to deliver a bona fide forefront band, Blending significantly intelligent ragas with shake and jazz with a hint of URDU Stanza. Astitva joins creamer styles of staggering melodies and everlasting pop/shake instrumentation, in this manner removing an exceptional sound and considering their music a work of fondness and a message of need to all.

5. THE F16S

The F16s are an elective band hailing from the port city of Chennai, India. Their music, echoes the discouragement that contemplates the commonness of customary every day presence in a town that serves no outside of itself. Expressively decided, the 'sound' of the band rests in a round portion that in like manner joins acts like LCD Soundsystem, Julian Casablancas and the Voidz and The Shocks; beat- driven yet innately melodic. The band starting at now has a couple of prior releases annexed to them: a 6-tune EP released in 2013 called Kaleidoscope, and a 2-track recorded in Brooklyn, New York called Nobody Will Interruption.


Musafir Band adventure started in the year 2014 in the extended length of March.They portray music as a key to look for after any thoughts.They need to change the insights and state of mind of people on account of which unfairness, attack and other such coldblooded acts in the society.Their structure of every tune depends upon the significance of stanzas. So their music is described as different classes they play.


All The Fat Youngsters (or ATFC for short) is a three piece 'Fat Shake' band that was built up in June 2008. ATFC is made out of Eben Johnson on guitar and vocals, Vickram "Vicky" Kiran on bass and vocals and Sachin Savio Dane on drums to incorporate to the wild eyed mix organize. Together they have performed in excess of 200 exhibits wherever all through the country with their 30 one of a kind manifestations shockingly.


A Band from Bihar, RUST Overhauled with the vision to have any sort of impact on the planet. Music is best medium to connect with everyone. RUST Updated started four years in 2008. The class called as the "New Age Elective Shake", all set to pump up your ears on a flood of Adrenalin... Exercises make pioneers so it diverted into the essential band from Patna.