Live Bands for weddings

Aawaaz The Band is based out of Delhi and is a high-vitality band for weddings and have a lot of experience of performing at wedding events. They plan every wedding performance to fulfil the couple's requirement & taste.A promising and fiery band driven by Jai Taneja. Having an experience of 200+ live shows all across India.

They cover bollywood tunes mixed with sufi, retro and punjabi in their very own style.

Live Bands for weddings

Move over poor recorded music and noisy DJs who don't bode well in weddings and welcome the extraordinary uproarious music of the best specialists around the local area. Aawaaz performs at weddings, corporate events, institutional events & festivals.The band sings, engages, and illuminates the phase with their shenanigans. Aawaaz the band is a total package. When you call these folks, you can happily choose them over any other live band. In case you're searching for an incredible live band for wedding, Aawaaz ought to be the name on your lips.

The band has performed in Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, and numerous more urban areas.Every craftsman has a predefined job which he performs amazingly. There is a different outfit for every occasion, contingent upon the subject and the group. In the event that you have any exceptional solicitations, simply illuminate the band and they will deal with it. There is heart and feeling in each show, so you will never be baffled with what they bring to the table.Aawaaz is among the best live bands for wedding.

Aawaaz has performed at different perceptible clubs in Delhi and in other cities as well:

  1. Pune
  2. Jim Corbett
  3. Mumbai
  4. Noida
  5. Goa
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Ludhiana
  8. Chandigarh
  9. Amritsar