Best Live Bands in India

Prepare to rock & roll and spill out your heart with the BEST LIVE BANDS OF INDIA.
When you attend a live band performance, you get the chance to feel the cadence being produced and each iota in your body vibrates at that beat.


Jai Taneja with his band - Aawaaz is a promising young band. It's a sufi rock band from Delhi, formed in

October 2014.

Having an experience of around 4-5 years of stage shows, they are extremely popular in delhi and also in India.
The lead Vocalist and founder of band Jai Taneja is among one of the best singer in current bands all over the India.The seven piece sufi rock band is led by Jai who is also known for acing college festivals and local pubs.

Best Live Bands in India

Best Bands In India

Family of Aawaaz:

Jai Taneja is the Lead Vocalist, Elena Liman is the international female vocalist from Ukraine, Deepak being the lead Guitarist pursued by Nitin on Keyboards, Abhi Negi as Bassist, Lalit on percussions & Nikhil and Som being the drummers.
They have performed in Delhi and nearby places like : Farzi Cafe, CP, Delhi Boulevard, Saket, Delhi Sutra Gastropub, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon Imperfecto Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi DLF Cyber Hub Amphitheatre, Gurgaon Mata Sundri College for Women, DU, Delhi, Institute of Hotel Management, Faridabad, Ramla's Rock In Bar, Cyber City Gurgaon. They are most popular band in Delhi.


The Band's been dealing with its Unique structures since its shaped, which likewise happens to be the primary point of the Band and they're wanting to discharge their presentation collection sooner rather than later.
Lagori gets its name from the well known road diversion played in India. The band is roused by the rich decent variety of culture that exists in India and the advancing meaning of being 'Indian'. Having experienced childhood in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore – a mixture of societies, thoughts, dialects and convictions – Lagori's music mirrors the changed impacts of each band part, finishing in a one of a kind, crisp and legit sound.


Two siblings, Suraj and Sanjay Verma, framed Indo Fuzon in 2013 at Chandigarh. Suraj has been in the Main 30 in Indian Symbol 2012 and Sanjay is an all-rounder as he has been a Vocalist, a Guitarist, a drummer and even the bassist of the Band. At first they began as a team Setup yet before long understood that the eventual fate of the band is something unique. In the wake of working together with numerous craftsman they at last understood that, the band is heading the correct way.


Astitva is a Multi Type Hindi band situated in New Delhi, India. The Band "Astitva" demands setting emotions above insignificant method and making an individualistic kind of shape breaking music. Astitva began in 2007 to bring forth a genuine bleeding edge band, Mixing profoundly reflective ragas with shake and jazz with a trace of URDU Verse. Astitva incorporates half and half styles of stunning songs and everlasting pop/shake instrumentation, thus cutting out an uncommon sound and thinking about their music as a work of affection and a message of want to all.


The F16s are an elective band hailing from the port city of Chennai, India. Their music, echoes the depression that ponders the ordinariness of regular daily existence in a town that serves almost no outside of itself. Expressively determined, the 'sound' of the band rests in a circular segment that likewise incorporates acts like LCD Soundsystem, Julian Casablancas and the Voidz and The Repulsions; beat-driven yet inherently melodic. The band as of now has a few earlier discharges appended to them: a 6-tune EP discharged in 2013 called Kaleidoscope, and a 2-track recorded in Brooklyn, New York called No one's Going to Pause


Musafir Band venture began in the year 2014 in the long stretch of March.They characterize music as a key to seek after any thoughts.They need to change the musings and attitude of individuals because of which foul play, assault and other such cruel acts in the society.Their structure of each melody relies upon the importance of verses. So their music is characterized as various classes they play.


All The Fat Children (or ATFC for short) is a three piece 'Fat Shake' band that was established in June 2008. ATFC is made out of Eben Johnson on guitar and vocals, Vickram "Vicky" Kiran on bass and vocals and Sachin Savio Dane on drums to include to the frantic blend arrange.Together they have performed more than 200 demonstrates everywhere throughout the nation with their 30 unique creations surprisingly.


A Band from Bihar, RUST REWIRED with the vision to have any kind of effect on the planet. Music is best medium to associate with everybody. RUST Overhauled began four years in 2008. The class called as the "New Age Elective Shake", all set to pump up your ears on a surge of Adrenalin... Activities make pioneers so it turned into the primary band from Patna.