Top Live Bands In Delhi

Jai Taneja (Lead Vocalist)

The voice of the band, Jai is the lead Vocalist. Also, his spirit blending and keen verses add life to the band.
A characteristic ability, he has been enthusiastic towards music from an exceptionally youthful age. He is prepared to grandstand his potential on the huge stage. He is the front man of the band. A genuine confident person, his uplifting state of mind and sharp comical inclination rub off on everybody he cooperates with, be it his band members or the gathering of people he hypnotizes with his voice.

Elena Liman (Female Vocalist)

Elena Liman, who is a live gifted vocalist from Ukraine. She sings and reproduces prevalent Bollywood tunes in her own emerge way! That is the techniques by which we make a blend of BOLLY-SUFI-mix.

Top Live Bands In Delhi

Nitin (Keyboardist)

The keyboardist of the band, Nitin. Knowledgeable with the specialty of playing with fingers, he plays everything from traditional to Bollywood and has given stage shows consistently for a mind-blowing duration.

Som (Drummer)

A flexible drummer, Som has played numerous shows, He plays a wide assortment of instruments and is a gifted all-around performer. He has singing capacities as well.

Nikhil (Drummer)

Nikhil is also an extremely powerful drummer and has been performing since last 6-7 years and has an experience of lot of live shows. Has a knack of picking up songs instantly.

Abhishek Negi (Bassist)

Acquainted with the guitar when he was exceptionally youthful. Impacted by people and western music and the much-specialized music engaged with Bollywood. He understood that the bass as his genuine energy at a beginning period and started working on it.
He feels that music is most important. Music is the main religion which recognizes none in this world. He plays acoustic guitar too.

Deepak (Lead Guitarist)

Deepak can feel music all around & feels music is said to be the discourse of holy messengers. He is energetic about guitar since he was exceptionally youthful. He cherishes jazz, Mexican, Spanish, shakes, and metal, however, he feels established music is most important, which associates him straightforwardly to the god-like. He thinks music in itself is recuperating. It's a touchy articulation of humankind. It's something we are altogether contacted by.

Lalit (Percussionist)

Lalit is a very young passionate performer and has been playing tabla, dhol, dholak since childhood. He belongs from a musical family and rhythm runs in his blood.