Live bands delhi

There are very few live bands in Delhi who have rose to fame and fall in the category of Rock bands, Classical Mix Bands, Sufi Fusion Bands. Among these, we've shortlisted the best live bands in Delhi which perform with their one of a kind style of Bolly-Sufi combination "Aawaaz The Band"

Aawaaz The Band

Aawaaz is a package of fantastic live performers who have significant experience of live performances. They are well known for their superlative performance at various conspicuous events. They've even charmed get-togethers of individuals in objective weddings as well. The band is just amazing.
They have a lot of variety going from Bollywood, blend, Sufi and various others to peruse. Their live band has handy involvement in live performances and plays the best tunes for your diversion. The band delivers their best to serve the client and making an indispensable event for everyone. For Aawaaz making the earth dazzling with music is the thing that they place stock in.Jai, the lead male vocalist of Aawaaz and the band female vocalist-Elena Liman, who is a live skilled worker from Ukraine.

live Bands delhi

Punjabi Singers In Delhi


This band from New-Delhi, Sifar is an alt-melodic group that was formed in 2008. Look at "Dastan" from their social event titled 2, or, by the day's end liberal, bleeding edge shake single that makes them raring to go.


Faridkot, at any rate, a band that has been on the non-standard circuit for a long time specifically, can't be dismissed on this summation. Hailing from Delhi, the band amalgamates Sufi contacts with their stone ethos. Faridkot makes music that separations from pop shake to dynamic shake. For whatever time span that they're making superlative music, we're energized.

Local Train

The Local Train is an Indian melodic gathering from Delhi, India. Formed in Chandigarh Tricity in 2008, the band has been seen for its dynamic part in social festivals in Indian schools.