Best Live Band In Delhi

Best Live Band In Delhi Aawaaz is an unparalleled music group which presents to you one of a kind savagery of established music amalgamated with the lovely rhythms of the conventional Indian music to make a beauteous impact which your ears won't have the capacity to overlook in the years to come.

It resembles playing with totally unique energies and to the entrance, the group of onlookers with such a demonstration requires something other than skill. The band carries the skill alongside the huge experience and has delivered hits like 'Tere Sang Yaara’ (Cover song), Intezaar & Jaana Kahan (Originals) to which any ears who like music will interface quickly.

Genre (Music): Bollywood Songs with Sufi Fusion, Classical Mix They Started in October 2014 with Jai Taneja as the originator and lead Vocalist of the band formed the band and have done 200+ live performances all over India.

Later on they got their female Vocalist Elena Liman, who is a live skilled singer from Ukraine. She sings and recreates predominant Bollywood tunes in her own stand-out way! That is the methods by which we make a mix of BOLLY-SUFI-Shake.

Best Live Band In Delhi

Individuals from Aawaaz :

Jai Taneja is the Lead Vocalist, Elena Liman is the international female vocalist from Ukraine, Deepak being the lead Guitarist pursued by Nitin on Keyboards, Abhi Negi as Bassist, Lalit on percussions & Nikhil and Som being the drummers.


Parikrama in Hindi means rotating around. This outfit has seen the steady advancement of the outside the box music scene in India from its embryonic stage. They regularly intertwine Indian traditional instruments like the Mridangam, tabla and woodwind with ordinary instruments like guitar, drums and consoles. They have been roused and impacted by any semblance of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.

Style: Rock

Advaita remains for non-duality, and means encountering all as "one". Since their commencement in 2004, their style of natural Indian hallucinogenic music has been viewed as a standout amongst the most unique sounds to ever turn out the Indian underground music scene.